This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Zapier Integration for various features on your Orimon.ai Chat-Bot.

  1. Log in to Dashboard using your Google account/manual signup

  2. Once logged in, you should see an icon for your bot. Click on it to go to the bot's overview page.

  1. On the overview page, you will see several tabs. Click on "Settings" -> "LeadFlow Integrations".

Click on this option to navigate to integrations or channels page and click on "Zapier". Click on the "enable" switch to activate the integration. You will see as page shown below.

Generate your unique Authentication Token (API Key) to secure your connection.

Install the OrimonAI app on Zapier and enter the Authentication Token when prompted during the setup process.

After completing the integration on the Zapier dashboard, refresh the API Key status to update its authorization status.

Once authorized by Zapier, delve into comprehensive details about your integration in the "Overview" section.

  1. Select "Orimon" from the Zapier App MarketPlace, -> the select Action "New Message"

  2. In the "Account" section, click on "connect", and paste your Authentication Token.

  3. Then, in the "Action" section, first paste your 'Tenant ID', you can find a guide on how to get you Tenant ID here.

  4. The "Unique Identifier" input field isn't mandatory, but can be beneficial in keeping your workflows organized.

  5. Now in the "Message" input field, map an input field according to your requirements.

  6. Next, for the "Message API key" field, you can find a guide on how to get Message API key here.

  7. Finally, in the "Test" section, click on "Test Step" to generate a response from you Orimon Chat-Bot.

  8. You can now map this response in your Zapier Workflow according to your needs.

NOTE: Before you create your workflow on Zapier, you must navigate back to Orimon dashboard -> Chat-Bot Overview -> Channels -> Zapier & enable "Messages" for your integration to work.

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