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This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Webhook Integration to sync all Leads on your private servers.
  1. 1.
    Log in to Dashboard using your Google account/manual signup
  2. 2.
    Once logged in, you should see an overview icon for your bot. Click on it to go to the bot's overview page.
  3. 3.
    On the left, you will see a panel with a list of Configuration options. At the bottom you will see an option "Integrations".
Click on this option to navigate to a integrations page and click on "Webhook". You will see a page shown below.
In the "Webhook URL" input paste the endpoint of the server where you receive and process your Leads, like the example shown below.
Before proceeding please note : The server where you will receive the data must be configured to accept POST requests.
In order to verify this, when you provide a server endpoint, Orimon will first send a dummy POST request, which in response must return a status code of 200.
Failing this, no Leads data will be sent nor will the server endpoint be saved for follow up data syncing.
Once this protocol is successfully carried out, the follow up POST request will contain all Leads collected via your bot and be sent in the request.body .
Now, click on the "Submit" button,
If the integration was successful you see a screen like the one shown below, with your server URL in the input box.
Integration Settings
And you will also receive all Leads in a POST request at your provided server. Like so :
If the integration, for any reason, is unsuccessful you will remain at the first page of the Webhook service and receive an error message informing you what went wrong.
Now in the image above labelled "Integration Settings" The first among these is a button "Send Lead Form", this is simply there to re-send all the stored Leads data at that point, if for any reason data is lost.
You will also see a switch "Active" which will temporarily disable Leads data syncing, for as long as you don't re-activate it. You can do this, if for any reason (like maintenance), your servers are temporarily down
The Last among these options is a "Delete" button, which will remove this integration altogther.
Thats all! Now you will have your Leads data directly delivered to you, for you to use them as you see fit!