🔋How to buy additional quota for my plan?

"Add-Ons" is a way to add more quota of various features to your account's allowance. You can purchase as many top-ups as you need, and they will be valid for as long as you remain subscribed.

Note: You cannot buy Add-Ons if you don't have an active subscriptions.

Here are the steps to top-up your current plan:

  1. Login in to your dashboard -> click on the plan type mentioned next to your profile section -> and when you billing drop-down opens.

  1. Click on "Manage"

  2. You will then be shown a page with your plan and subscription details.

  1. Scroll down to see a section, where all Add-Ons are listed.

You can then select any feature top-up you need : Extra Message Credits, Extra Chat-Bots, or Extra Agents.

Then click on "Subscribe", after which you will be redirected to checkout portal.

Note that top-ups have a time validity as long as the user is subscribed. Once the subscription stops, top-ups become ineffective.

You plan features will be reverted to Free Plan until you re-subscribe.

Once you buy a new Subscription, all Add-Ons purchased until now will be reactivated.

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