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Billing and Subscription

What do I get from Orimon?
When you sign up for Orimon app, you can enjoy a free trial for 7 days. Once your trial ends, you'll need to subscribe to continue using the app.
There are two types of subscription plans: monthly and yearly. Each subscription plan has three subcategories: Starter, Growth, and Elite. The Starter plan comes with 2000 messages per month, Growth comes with 5000 messages per month, and Elite comes with 10000 messages per month.
Once you have chosen your subscription plan, you can click on "Subscribe" to start the subscription process.
You will have a message quota based on the subscription plan you have chosen. Any messages used within your subscription will be deducted from your quota. If you run out of messages, you can top up for extra messages. You will also receive a one-time grace of 1000 messages.
Please note that only subscribed users can top up for extra messages in case they exhaust their quota.
If a user adds another user as a tenant manager, meaning they have access to the same bot and can manage it, any messages sent or received by the tenant manager will be counted towards the message quota of the owner of the subscription.
For example, if a user subscribes to a package with a message quota of 2000 per month, and they add a tenant manager who sends or receives 500 messages in a month, the owner's message quota will be reduced to 1500 for that month.
Therefore, it's important for users to be mindful of their message quota and who they add as tenant managers, to avoid running out of messages before the end of the subscription period.