🔑Bring your openAI key (BYOK)

This is a guide on how you can configure and use your openAI key with Orimon

Please note that this feature is only available to those who have purchased our Annual or Monthly Elite Package, If you are currently on Starter or Growth Package you cannot apply your openAI key with Orimon. Please upgrade your Package to avail this feature.

Instead of running your bot on Orimon message quota, you can directly provide us with your openAI key and run your bot on openAI subscription!

To apply your key

Login to your dashboard -> select your bot -> go to Bot Overview -> Settings

At the top of the list of settings you will see an input saying "Bring your openAI key (BYOK)"

Firstly, click on the "Enable", then enter your openAI key.

Click on "Validate" to add this key to your bot configuration.

In future, if you want to disable and/or remove your openAI key from your bot settings, simply click on the "Enable" switch.

You can change it anytime you want as well by clicking on "Change Key" as well.

Enter your new key and click "Configure" again to save your new key.

That's it! Your bot will now run on your openAI subscription!

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