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Bot Temperature

This is a guide on how you can change the temperature on which your bot operates.
Temperature controls how creatively your bot will respond to any query it is presented with.
Temperature varies from 0 to 1, in increments of 0.1 . At temperature = 0, your bot will directly provide the information it has been trained on, and as this value increases you bot will get more and more innovative. At temperature 1 your bot will almost never reply directly.
Login to your dashboard -> go to the overview page of the your bot -> then go to settings.
You will see a slider under the label of "Bot Temperature" as shown below.
You can vary this slider, with respect to the level of creativity you want in your bot. In our case we will set it to 0.7 .
Click on "Save" to save your setting.
That's it! you can now change the ingenuity level of you chat-bot.