🎭AI custom prompt

This is a guide on how you can change the AI prompts of your chatbot

AI prompts control the behaviour and functionality of your Chat-bot

This configuration can help change the nature of you Chat-bot to suit your specific business much better.

Login to your dashboard -> go to bot overview page -> go to "Settings" -> AI settings, there you will see a drop down titled "Prompts (Personality)".

Click on this drop-down to see a list of available personality options that you can pick from.

You can read about the differences these personalities make to your chatbot in-depth by clicking on the drop-downs provided below.


In this configuration, the chatbot behaves like a smart salesman. It will act creatively, but within the limits of information it has been trained on. It will smartly assist and guide any user and help them find the products/services they might be interested in.

The chatbot will provide short and precise responses to any query the user may have with regards to your products or services, and adapt its tone according to the ongoing conversation.


In this configuration, the chatbot will act purely as a information source and will respond in a very objective and direct fashion to any query your users may have, it will not derive answers to any questions it does not have clear information on.

The chatbot does not induldge in much creativity or adapt to the tone of the conversation in this setting. It will only provide direct answers, to any query, from the information it has been trained on.


This configuration instructs the bot to operate as a support unit, to any customer who may have question/ may be facing issues with your products or services.

The chatbot will structure its functionality and its responses, that will best help the bot or even your live agent, understand what query/issue. And then respond the concerns of the customer in simple and layman terms, from the available information.


This is a guidance personality and will provide in-depth but simplified information to your users.

It specialises in engaging conversations and capturing the doubts and confusions of your customers even from vague question.

This personality works best when fed and trained with detailed information about you business.

If none of the preset options fulfil your requirements, you can choose the "Custom" option to customise your bot to an even greater extent. You can read a guide on how this setting works in the drop-down below.


If you pick the custom setting you will see a input box appear, like the one shown below.

Here you can describe in detail how your chatbot should operate, how it should respond, what its goals are and what role its fits into in the entire spectrum of you business.

Note : Please make sure you enter any and all key details relating to the role and goals of your bot.

Once you have selected the AI prompt of your liking, click on "Update" to save your changes.

That's it! you can now alter the behaviour of your bot any time you want to suit your needs.

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