📧Email White Labelling

This is a guide on how you can use Orimon's white-labelling features to customise the branding & domain of the emails sent from your Dashboard

White-Labelling your emails will allow you to modify the Orimon's branding on your emails, allowing better integration with your agency & other offerings of your organisation!

Login to your dashboard -> click on the "profile icon" on top right corner -> got to "white-labelling"

Note : You need to have an active White-Labelled dashboard to customize your email domain and branding.

Now, navigate to "Branding" -> sub-section "Email" and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a section as shown below.

Now enter your details as needed

  1. Domain : This is the domain that will be used to send the mails from your dashboard

  2. Sender : This is the email ID that will be used to send the mails, please note that this email doesn't actually need to exist but needs to have the same domain as the one you have entered

  3. Receiver : This is the email address that will receive the mails sent to Sender and also receive the instructions for DNS installation of your email domain.

Once you've done this your email configuration will be displayed on screen as shown below

You should now receive an Installation Mail on the Email address you provided like the one below

(Please check your spam folder as well)

Click on "View DNS Records & Instructions" button and follow the instructions provided, to install DNS records for your email domain

Alternatively, you can also use the DNS records displayed on your dashboard

Once you've successfully added the DNS records, click on the "refresh" button to verify that your domain has successfully been added.

If the status of your domain is still listed as "Pending" please go through the DNS integration process again.

Please note that your Email Domain will NOT be white-labelled as long as your Domain is not verified.

That's It, you can now customize the domain & branding which are used to send email via your account along with the branding of your organization.

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