🕔Operational Hours

This is a guide on how you can set the time during which the live-chat of your bot is active.

This feature allows you to configure according to your needs, when and for how long, you can accept live chat requests.

Login to your dashboard -> go to the overview page of the your bot -> then go to settings -> Human Assist

There you will see a section "Live Chat Configuration" as shown below.

Click on "Enable" switch to activate the setting

Now one by one you can set the configuration as you see fit.

  • Timezone : This is the zone for which your live-chat configuration will be set.

  • Shift Start : This is the time at which your bot will start accepting live-chat requests.

  • Shift End : This is the time after which your bot will stop accepting live-chat requests.

  • Days : These are the weekdays when your bot will accept live-chat requests(If this setting is enabled, you must pick at least one week day)

  • Non Operational Hour Message : This is the text/message that your bot will be respond with a when live chat request is denied.

After configuring all these details, click "Save".

That's it! you have now successfully configured the active hours of the live-chat of your Chat-bot.

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