This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Hubspot Integration for syncing leads data on your Orimon.ai Chat-Bot.

  1. Log in to Dashboard using your Google account/manual signup

  2. Once logged in, you should see an icon for your bot. Click on it to go to the bot's overview page.

  1. On the overview page, you will see several tabs. Click on "Settings" -> "LeadFlow Integrations".

Click on this option to navigate to a integrations page and click on "Hubspot". You will see a page shown below.

Note : You must Log In to your Hubspot account to proceed, & integrate this feature with your chat-bot.

Now click on "Connect" to start the Integration process, after which you will be redirected to an authentication page as shown below.

Click on "Connect App" and that will automatically connect & sync your leads from OrimonAI to Hubspot.

Once the authentication is complete, you will see a page as shown below.

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