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Getting Started

This is a guide on how you can use Orimon's white-labelling features to completely customise your branding
Note : This feature is only available to those who have purchased our White Label Dashboard and/or Custom Domain add-on(s) and need to have atleast one active Subscription or Life Time Deal
White-labelling is a customisation option that allows you to personalise the appearance and branding of Orimon products according to your own company's identity.
With white-labelling, the our products will seamlessly integrate into your brand ecosystem, making it look and feel like a natural part of your offerings.
You can find these settings by clicking on the profile icon -> Whitelabeling

How It Works

1. Add Domain & Email

To initiate the white-labelling process, we'll ask you to provide your website domain and an email address associated with your organisation.
This information is crucial for tailoring Orimon's products to match your brand's identity.

2. Domain Verification

Once you've provided the domain & email, we'll send you the instructions for the adding specific DNS records to your domain's settings
These will be sent on the email you provided.
These records serve as verification that you have control over the domain. (In case you can't find the DNS records mail, check your spam folder)

3. Integration

That's all you had to do to configure our products in accordance with your brand!
Now you can simply pick one of the many methods, provided by us to deploy your bots
That's it! you now have a general understanding on how you can modify the branding of orimon products!