👉Join Active Chat Room

This is a guide on how your agents can join an ongoing conversation.

If one of your agents sees an ongoing conversation with your Chat-bot but feels the need to intervene by joining in on the conversation you can follow the steps described below.

You can monitor all active conversations with you Chat-bot by logging in to your dashboard -> bot overview page -> Chat History

You will see a screen as shown below.

Here you can view all active conversations of your Chat-bot, click on any of these conversations to view detailed logs of any of these conversations.

on the top right corner of the Chat-Log window, you will see a button labelled "Join Room"

Click on this button to join the Chat room

You will then replace your Chat-Bot, and will be redirected to the Live Chat section & will be added to the live chat of this room.

You can now talk to you customer accordingly and end the conversation by clicking on "Resolve" whenever you see fit.

That's It, you will now directly join chat rooms whenever you wish.

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