🔰Dashboard White Labelling

This is a guide on how you can use Orimon's white-labelling features to customise the branding & domain of your Dashboard

White-Labelling your dashboard will allow you to modify the Orimon's branding on your dashboard, allowing better integration with your agency & other offerings of your organisation!

Login to your dashboard -> click on the "profile icon" on top right corner -> got to "white-labelling"

Now navigate to "Dashboard Domain" and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a section as shown below.

Enter your Domain for the Chat-bot & the Email you wish to receive the instructions for DNS installation on

Click on "Submit"

You should now receive an Installation Mail on the Email address you provided like the one below

(Please check your spam folder as well)

You can even click on the "Whats Next ->" prompt for even clearer instructions on the installation process.

Whats Next ->

Follow these instructions to add/install these DNS records according to your service provider

Then navigate back to "Dashboard Domain" on your Orimon dashboard

Click on the "refresh" button to verify that your domain has successfully been added.

If the status of your domain is still listed as "Pending" please go through the DNS integration process again.

Please note that your Dashboard's Domain will NOT be white-labelled as long as your Domain is not verified.

Important : Please also keep in mind that our systems will also periodically Verify the integrity of your Domain.

If for any reason your domain cannot be verified at one of these times, your Domain status will be reverted to Pending and white-labelling on your dashboard will automatically be Disabled.

Once this has been done, your White-Labelled Dashboard is now ready to be configured!

Go through the remaining sections to learn all about the various customization options!

1. Dashboard Customization

  1. Global Theme : Navigate to "Branding" -> sub-section "Appearance" -> sub-section "Global Theme"

    Here you can customize the theme of your dashboard as you wish, the preview of your changes are shown directly below the colour pallet.

  2. Logo & Name : Navigate to "Branding" -> sub-section "Appearance" -> sub-section "Logo & Name". Here you can upload one Large & one Small logo of your organization, as well as provide the name of your organization. These brandings will be used wherever needed on your Dashboard & Emails

  3. Login Screen UI : Navigate to "Branding" -> sub-section "Appearance" -> sub-section "Logo Screen UI". Here you can customize the Login Page of your White-Labelled dashboard, such as Background Image & Greeting, as shown below.

    You can see a comparison Before White-Labelling customization vs After White-Labelling customization below

Before :

After :

2. Company Details

  1. Company Info : Navigate to "Branding" -> sub-section "Company Details" -> sub-section "Company Info". In this section, you can fill in various details such as the Website of your Company or any Social Media Pages dedicated to your Organization!

    These links and sources will be used wherever you organization is represented via our dashboard, such as emails

  2. Support Info : Navigate to "Branding" -> sub-section "Company Details" -> sub-section "Support Info". In this section you will see 2 fields Support Bot & Support Mail. Support Bot : Click on the drop-down, where you can select any one of your active bots to be the chat-bot on your support page. Your clients can clarify any of their queries by speaking to this bot. Support Mail : You can enter any mail here that your clients can use to reach out to you. This mail will also receive any email queries from the support page of your dashboard.

3. Inviting Members

Users can only create accounts and become members on your Dashboard via Invites.

To invite users on your dashboard, go to Main page where all your chat-bots are listed. Now select the chat-bot for which you want to invite members, go to its "Overview" page -> settings ⚙ī¸ and scroll to the bottom. You will see a section as shown below

Enter the email address that you wish to invite to your workspace, also check the Live Agent checkbox ☑ī¸ if you want that user to be able to Receive incoming Live Chat requests. Now click on Assign Role to send the invite.

They will receive an invite like the one shown below

They can click on the button provided after which they will be redirected to the SignUp page of your Dashboard

Now using the same email to which the invite was sent, user can create a password and signup to your dashboard.

Important Note : If you have used Google Sign-In, please refer to the section below, to learn how you can sign-in to your white-labelled dashboard, as Google Sign-In isn't compatible with white-labelled dashboards.

to your white-labelled dashboard

Once you've made all the customizations to your dashboard, transition to your white-labelled dashboard by Clicking on the "profile icon" on top right corner -> got to "Enterprise Mode"

Now Logout of your dashboard and on the Login page click on the Forgot Password option.

Enter the email to which this dashboard belongs. Click on "Submit", you will then receive a password reset link on that email.

Click on the "Reset Your Password" button, after which you will be redirected to a screen on your dashboard like one shown below

Now enter & confirm your password, then click on "Reset Your Password", and use that password to sign-in to confirm it has been successfully saved.

That's it! You can now modify & change the branding on your Dashboard with your own domains whenever you wish to better fit into your brand eco-system!

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