📈How do I upgrade my plan?

Users can change their subscription plan to a higher one if they feel that their current plan is not enough for their needs.

Here are the steps to change my subscription plan:

  1. Login in to your dashboard -> click on the plan type mentioned next to your profile section -> and when you billing drop-down opens.

  1. Click on "Manage", after which you will see a page with all your plan details.

  1. Click on "View All Plans" on the top of the plan details section, to open the pricing page.

  1. Choose the package you want to select by clicking on it.

  1. Enter your card details and press "Confirm" to change your plan.

Hint : Some premium features like White-Labelling(removing of Orimon branding) and having the ability to use your own OpenAI subscription key, instead of depleting your Orimon subscription, for operating your bot are only available in Elite Packages!

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