🔍Getting Started with APIs

This is a guide on the basics of using the Orimon Developer API

How to generate your Developer API key?

Login to you Dashboard -> click on the image icon on the bottom left corner of the screen -> then click on "Profile"

In the right Section on the bottom you will see a card as follows

Click on "Generate Your Secret Key" to generate your own Developer API key.

You will then see the options change.

You can then click on the "👁ī¸" icon to reveal your key and copy it for usage and API calls.

If at any point you are not using your API key, you can also disable it by clicking on the "switch" above the dialogue box, as shown below

Do not reveal your API Key on any public platform, doing so will compromise your Privacy, Account & that of Orimon as well! If, for any reason, you have exposed your API key at any point where you shouldn't have, Immediately delete it! by clicking on the "bin/delete" icon next to key itself in the dialogue box. You will then have to re-generate an API key by following the above mentioned steps again.

Thats it! Now you have your Developer API key to integrate responses from Orimon even in your own applications and code.

How to get "tenantId" for your Chatbot?

Login to your dashboard and click on the bot configuration page as shown below.

At the top, in the URL bar copy the value starting in the front of "tenant/" all the way to the end, like shown below.

That's it! You now have the "tenantId" of the chat-bot you wish to use with your APIs.

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