🤖Create A Bot

Below is a step by step guide that will help you to create your bot.

How do I get started?

  1. Log in to Dashboard using your Google account/manual signup.

  2. You will be directed to below page as shown in the figure.

Here you will be provided with the option to create, a General or an E-Commerce Chat-Bot.

Below is a brief explanation of the difference between Leads Generation & Support Bot, & E-Commerce Specialist Chat-bot.

1. Leads Generation & Support Bot

Leads Generation bots epitomize versatility in the chat-bot landscape, serving as multifaceted digital aides.

Tailored to meet diverse needs, they excel in furnishing users with not only pertinent information and expert guidance but also in strategically delivering promotional content.

Their adaptability renders them indispensable across a spectrum of interactions, from adeptly addressing user queries to orchestrating engaging experiences through sophisticated advertisements.

In essence, Leads Generation bots stand as comprehensive digital assistants, elevating user experiences across a myriad of domains.

For example: If you have an agency which primarily deals in providing services, such as Brokerage or Technical Support, Leads Generation Bot will be the optimal choice for your needs.

2. E-Commerce Specialist Bot

E-commerce bots emerge as highly specialised entities, finely calibrated for the nuances of online retail.

Their primary objective is to seamlessly navigate users through the intricate landscape of digital commerce.

From aiding users in product selection and meticulously managing shopping carts to ensuring the fluidity of checkout processes, these bots play a pivotal role in the entire purchase lifecycle.

Operating within the competitive realms of prominent online shopping platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, e-commerce bots elevate the user experience, contributing significantly to enhanced operational efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction.

For example: If you have an online store, which deals in products such as a Clothing or Accessory brand, with an active product catalogue, E-Commerce Bot will be the optimal choice for your needs

You can jump to the respective section for the type of Chat-Bot you choose to create:

Leads Generation/Support or E-Commerce

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