🤝Book a Meeting

This is a guide on how you can setup a meeting template for your bot.

Using this template provides a message format that will be sent whenever you bot detects that your user wants to "Book a meeting".

Login to your dashboard -> go to the overview page of the your bot -> then in the panel on the left at the bottom, you will see a section titled "Templates"

Click on the "Templates" section and you will be redirected to a page as shown below.

Click on "Select Template" ,then click on "Book a Meeting"

now, click on "Add"

Once the template has been created, click on the ">" to open a drop-down then click on "Add New Message", you will see a prompt like the one below.

You can see 3 input boxes here :

  • Message Text : This is the reply your bot will give whenever it detects that your user wants to book a meeting. (We will take sample text of "You can book a meeting by clicking the button below")

  • Button Text : This will be the text displayed on the button that is provided to the user. (We will take a sample value of "Book a meeting")

  • Button Url : This is the link that your user will be redirected to when it clicks the button that has been provided(We will use the link of our official website "https://orimon.ai")

Fill in these required fields and click on "Save".

You can now head over to the Test bot page, and ask you bot to book a meeting.

Hint : You can add as many different messages under one template as you want, the bot will always respond with one of these messages.

That's it! You can now use templates to book meetings with potential customers via your bot.

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