🤖Chat-Bot White Labelling

This is a guide on how you can use Orimon's white-labelling features to customise the branding & domain of your Chat-Bot

White-Labelling your Chat-Bot will allow you to modify the Orimon's branding on your chat-bot, allowing better integration with your websites, channels & other offerings of your organisation!

Login to your dashboard -> click on the "profile icon" on top right corner -> got to "white-labelling"

Now navigate to "Bot Domain" and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a section as shown below.

Enter your Domain for the Chat-bot & the Email you wish to receive the instructions for DNS installation on

Click on "Submit"

You should now receive an Installation Mail on the Email address you provided like the one below

(Please check your spam folder as well)

You can even click on the "Whats Next ->" prompt for even clearer instructions on the installation process.

Whats Next ->

Follow these instructions to add/install these DNS records according to your service provider

Then navigate back to "Bot Domain" on your Orimon dashboard

Click on the "refresh" button to verify that your domain has successfully been added.

If the status of your domain is still listed as "Pending" please go through the DNS integration process again.

Please note that your Chat-bot's Domain will NOT be white-labelled as long as your Domain is not verified.

Important : Please also keep in mind that our systems will also periodically Verify the integrity of your Domain.

If for any reason your domain cannot be verified at one of these times, your Domain status will be reverted to Pending and white-labelling on your chat-bot will automatically be Disabled.

Once this has been done, your White-Labelled bot is now ready to be deployed!

You can go to the "Test-bot" for testing that your bot domain has been white-labelled and share the labelled chat-bot URL as well

Or use one of our many methods to deploy your newly White-Labelled chat-bot

That's it! You can now modify & change the branding on your chat-bots with your own domains whenever you like.

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